H-House – Healthier life with eco-innovative components for housing constructions


The main objective of the project is the development of innovative, sustainable façade elements and partition walls, based on earthen, wooden or cellulose materials as well as optimised, surface modified, cementitious materials, in order to improve the indoor environment with regards to health and occupant comfort.

The elements will be developed for both existing as well as newly constructed residential buildings that strive forward to minimise the energy demand in dwellings. The international consortium consists of 3 research institutes, including the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM, 5 SME’s and 4 industrial partners. With our expertise about climate control of natural building materials we support the material development and –research and design based on the results construction methods.


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H-House is a collaborative, 4-year research project, co-founded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme that started in September 2013.


H-House at BAU 2017 in Munich at the DETAIL Research Lab 
16th–21st January 2017, Foyer, ground floor ICM – Internationales Congress Center München

Roswag-Klinge E., Klinge A., Richter M., Ziegert C.: Gesund bauen mit Naturbaustoffen, published in: Wohnung+Gesund, Edition 161, P. 25–27

Klinge A., Roswag-Klinge E., Fontana P., Hoppe J., Richter M., Sjöström C.: Reducing the need for mechanical ventilation through the use of climate-responsive natural building materials – Results from the EU research project H-House and building practice, in: Lehm 2016 (digital conference proceedings)

Day of the Open Architecture Offices, Lectures on the Theme of Healthy Spaces for Living and Working:
Vorträge: Feuchte – Fluch oder Segen? (Walter Hugentobler), Gesundheitliche Bewertung von Bauprodukt­emissionen – Gütezeichen, rechtliche Regelungen und europäische Perspektiven (Ana Maria Scutaru), Emissionen aus Baustoffen in die Luft – Unter­suchungen für gesundes Wohnen (Matthias Richter), Hygroskopische Materialien versus Lüftung – Projektergebnisse EU-Forschungsvorhaben H-House (Andrea Klinge)

Andrea Klinge, Eike Roswag-Klinge, Christof Ziegert, Patrick Fontana, Matthias Richter, Johannes Hoppe published in published in proceedings of SBE 16 Conference: Expanding Boundaries – Systems Thinking in the Built Environment, 17th June 2016, Zurich, Swiss
Best Paper Awardwww.sbe16.ethz.ch