New Gründer Haus Gotenstraße, Berlin, Germany

New Gründer Haus Gotenstraße is conceived as a social and ecological model development based on principles of sustainability. The scheme aims to present new and innovative answers to the questions posed by the current development trends Berlin. A fundamental challenge for architects is the creation of affordable housing. Addressing this challenge, while attempting to develop a model suited to a post-fossil fuel society, is the central thesis of the project. While reducing energy and resource consumption in the construction industry, we must encourage the social and programmatic intensification of the city. The New Settlers are Berliners old and new, those from unprivileged backgrounds and those from contexts further afield. The New Gründer-Stadt is a place where through the provision of affordable living space, new self-reliant initiatives and networks can be supported.

The New Gründer Haus Gotenstraße is connected with and follows the aims of: 
The New Pioneer City Berlin (Beitrag zum Berlin Award 2016 von Ziegert Roswag Seiler und Studio Schultz • Granberg)
The Renewable City (Netzwerk nachhaltiger Stadtentwicklung)
Institut for Urban Timber Construction (IfuH)

For those who are interested in being involved in our Baugruppe for this project can send us a mail for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.