Earthen Schoo Tipu Sultan Merkez, Jar Maulwi, Pakistan

  • A new school project consist of eight classrooms constructed from earth and bamboo to be implemented in two building phases
  • Two floors: heavy earth cube on ground floor and light bamboo structure on top floor
  • Earthquake and flood-resistant design
  • Continued development of local building traditions, e.g. 'cobwork'
  • Increased durability via a moisture-resistant foundation, horizontal barrier and protection against pests
  • Cooperation with local architects
  • Implementation with local craftsmen who have been trained in the enhanced building techniques

Contractor, project sponsor
Tipu Sultan Merkez (TSM)

VEBS – Verein für Entwicklung, Bildung und Selbsthilfe e.V.
'Micro-Project-Scheme' of the German Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan

Planning period 

Construction phase I 

Roswag Architekten

Structural Engineer, Earth Building Consultancy
Ziegert | Seiler Ingenieure

Holcim Awards GOLD 2011 Asia Pacific and others


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'In a class of its own – schools worldwide'
Participation with Earthen School Tipu Sultan Merkez
from 5th February to 6th April 2015, ifa Gallery Berlin
from 31st October 2014 to 18th January 2015, ifa Gallery Stuttgart
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05th June – 12th August 2013, Viserum Art Museum, Sweden

Baunetzwoche Nr. 267 'Mit Lehm und Bambus'

Roswag Architekten